What Are The Characteristics Of “Mid-End” LED Video Processor Products

In short, the small pitch is “high density”. Now LED display screens are developing in the direction of small pitches. Small pitch LEDs are used to build high-resolution display screens. Small pitch displays require inputs with higher definition images and Video, which is a challenge for the processor’s load capacity. A good-performing mid-to-high-end LED video processor not only requires the processor to have higher resolution image output capabilities, higher resolution, and more video image input capabilities, but also a more number of real-time video windows In addition to the screen display capabilities, in addition to real-time display, monitoring, management and other aspects have been particular about, we can look at the following aspects.

01 Processor “Core” Is Important

Manufacturers who choose low-end chips can save more than 10% of their manufacturing costs. There is no guarantee of compatibility and long-term stability: crashes, lost programs, no display, speed decay, incomplete data, and inability to recover. The mid-to-high-end video processing system not only needs an unusual appearance design, but also requires a new powerful processing core, and strictly uses high-end chips.

In addition, due to the difference in brightness of the use environment, the brightness of LED screens in general indoor screens cannot be as high as outdoors. This requires the video processor to have better image quality improvement capabilities advantages, especially more advanced image scaling processing algorithms, so as to ensure that high-definition video images can maintain the detail clarity and grayscale of the image after scaling processing. level. Secondly, there must be rich image adjustment options and adjustment effects, especially the adjustment of image brightness, contrast, and low-gray processing, so as to ensure that a soft, clear and layered picture is output under the screen indoor light environment.

02 4K Signal Processing Capability

LED display systems without point-to-point display capabilities have become powerless to become mainstream products today. At present, there are many screens with more than 1920 * 1080 pixels, and the application of 4k products in professional audition has entered a stage of rapid development. Insufficient input signal resolution will seriously reduce the screen display clarity. In order to achieve ultra-high-definition display of large LED display screens, a Novastar MCTRL4K input solution is essential, which effectively solves the problem of blurred screen images caused by enlarged stitching.

03 Signal Real-Time Echo Management Capability

With the increase of multi-screen applications for seller, users need more convenient and accurate control in signal retrieval and switching. If you want to switch by one button to prevent misoperation, the “Signal Echo” function will solve it for you easily! Users can use this function to directly and adjust the window, and view the input signal content in parallel to switch. In addition, it can also be equipped with a Gigabit network card for mobile visual control, and can be visually controlled on any computer through a local area network.

04 On Screen Monitoring Function

There are more and more multi-input and multi-output scenes, and the situation where one signal corresponds to one monitor is simply crazy. If you want to see the input and output at a glance, you no longer have to worry about finding the signal source. Your processor needs to have the “on-screen monitoring” function which available in Novapro HD . Users can complete multi-window visualization operations without software connection, which greatly reduces the use cost and operation complexity.

05 Seamless Scene Switching

With the development of display technology, people’s effects on display are getting higher and higher. In the small-pitch era, if you are only satisfied with the seamless switching of simple signals, you are far behind. What the user needs more is that the entire scene template switching process can complete a seamless transition, and no black screen, flicker, delay and other phenomena will occur during the switching process. Seamless template switching is an excellent feature for high-end LED video processing systems.

06 Multi-Channel Independent Adjustment Of Image Processing Capabilities

When LCD, LED, and projection are used in combination, or the number of signals is large, it may cause a large difference in the display effect between each image, and you cannot individually adjust the individual images that are different. Multi-channel independent adjustment function can easily solve this problem. It can carry out targeted image processing to make the overall picture more harmonious and unified packages.

07 Input Signal Hot Backup

Live performance is a market where LED applications are currently growing rapidly. LED video processing equipment is increasingly used in live events. If you are talking about a project with a full voice, a certain fault suddenly occurs and the anchor signal disappears. Then the scene will definitely fall into an awkward situation. The processor with intelligent hot backup function can assign multiple backup signals to the anchor signal. When the anchor signal is accidentally lost, the backup signal can be immediately transmitted to the LED display to ensure the normal display of the picture and also effectively protect the scene reliability. Input signal hot backup is one of the important qualities of current high-end LED video processors.

In addition, global graphics overlay functions, support for device encryption, transparency settings, and edge feathering are all good qualities that mid- to high-end video processing systems should have.

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