Corrosion Monitoring Equipment | An Overview

Corrosion Control Engineering PTY Ltd. is a catholic protection and corrosion engineering/ manufacturing firm that operates throughout the world. Since the company’s inception in 2003, the sole focus of Corrosion Control Engineering has been corrosion control and mitigation. Through its own offices and those of its agents, Corrosion Control Engineering services all types of projects on a worldwide basis.

Corrosion Control Engineering PTY Ltd. provides engineering and equipment manufacturing services for all types of industry and government. Is the world leader in concrete corrosion technology, and is well known for its ability to provide unique solutions to unusual corrosion problems. Various company publications describe services and products. However, the following is a brief overview of those activities:


corrosion monitoring equipment


All engineers are university graduates with degrees in engineering. Our engineers have tested and designed cathodic protection systems for all types of structures. Engineers are well known for their forensic and diagnostic work with complex corrosion monitoring equipment problems. Completed projects range from pipelines, power plants (both nuclear and conventional), and concrete structures to marine structures and industrial facilities, as well as processing and communications equipment.

Company engineers fully participate in the technical community as lecturers, and are active members of professional societies such as NACE, ACI, ICRI and ASTM. Many of the corrosion standards in use today had the input of Corrosion Control Engineering PTY Ltd.  engineering.

Corrosion Control Engineering PTY Ltd. engineers are especially critical in the design and manufacture of cathodic protection equipment. Our engineers are able to work with the client to handle a full range of corrosion monitoring equipment and unique field conditions. Several of the Corrosion Control Engineering PTY Ltd. engineered products have received patents and many more are the subjects of patents pending.

In concrete technology, no other company has the vast experience of engineers. Millions of square feet of concrete has been tested, analysed, and cathodically protected by engineers. These structures include: bridges, high rise buildings, garages, stadiums, industrial structures, and marine structures.