What Makes Metal Form Different?

Metal Form is a specialist metal fabrication and general engineering company. We understand what it takes to be able to work well in this industry, with a practical and professional approach to all of the projects we handle. We are able to provide a range of equipment that works well in the industrial setting. We also have the personnel with the necessary training, skills, expertise, knowledge, and capabilities to be able to provide the best expert advice and the highest of quality in our work for our clients.

Metal Form have experience in undertaking a range of general engineering work. We are able to assist with the initial concept stages and then help take you through the process of development to production and finishing. As a one-stop shop for metal Die Springs fabrication and forming needs, we understand the requirements, specifications, and equipment needed for providing you with an effective, practical, and economical solution.

If you choose to work with us, we are able to develop a prototype in-house that can then be used for testing the concept and also then identifying how to effectively scale and cost the manufacturing process for the product. If you select Metal Die Springs Form to manage the metal fabrication activity, we will use our production planning system to set out the process for you and show you how we are able to track the flow of this work assignment through our plant.

What we can do for you

We are able to source and provide suitable maintenance and support for machine tools, roll-forming lines, coil handling equipment, conveyors, lubrication systems, presses, quick die changing and in-die tapping systems. We also provide a range of cutting machines that are suitable for contractors or for use in workshops. We are a forward-looking organisation with a willingness to stay up to date with industry and technology developments so that our clients are provided with the best advice and information.

We like to collaborate with our clients and develop a clear understanding of your requirements, setting out details clearly in any documentation and specifications. We always strive to provide our customers with products and services that will meet and potentially exceed their expectations.

We always guarantee high quality work

To confirm our commitment to maintaining the highest of quality standards, we have a full-time Quality Manager whose responsibility is to monitor our work to ensure our clients receive only the best. We have invested in optical projectors, sophisticated measuring machines, and other measuring equipment and tools to ensure that high levels of accuracy are maintained.

We understand how important it is for an item to be able to function effectively in an industrial setting and we are committed to ensuring that only suitable equipment is used and that all of our products will meet any rigorous testing. We have been through an international quality accreditation process and we ensure all of our equipment is calibrated to meet national standards.

We are happy to show you the work that we do and the processes that we follow to ensure we maintain the highest of quality standards in our general engineering and metal fabrication activities. If you would like any additional information regarding our processes, equipment, and services.