Transitional Area Rug Maintenance

Transitional area rug offer to harmonize the mood, beauty and ambience of the rooms in your home. Since the Transitional area rug adds to this specialty so proper care should be taken to keep them shining and intact for a long time. With little of regular Transitional area rug maintenance and homely cleaning tips, the rugs can accentuate the beauty of your home for years.

You can take regular care of the Transitional area rug in your own way. If the rugs are not too heavy, then you can carry them to the dry cleaners for expertise cleaning. But if they are too huge, then you can summon the cleaners to your home, to carry out the cleaning process. Make sure that you don’t place any furniture on the wet rugs to avoid permanent marks on the Transitional area rug.

The first factor to be considered while maintaining your Transitional area rug is the material of the rug and kind of care that is appropriate for any type of Transitional area rug. While a flimsy needlepoint Transitional area rug in a living room requires delicate care, the rugged Transitional area rug of your children’s playroom can serve the purpose with minimum of care. Even those Oriental rugs that have the unique Oriental design need much different care than the knotted hall rugs in the kid’s rooms.

The best way to begin with transitional area rug cleaning is regular vacuuming that will help to dust away all the dirt. This leaves the Transitional area rug fresh and shining all the time. If there are fringes on the borders of the rugs, then avoid vacuum cleaning the fringes. Just place your vacuum cleaner on the rug and gently pull it towards the fringe to avoid any tangles or damages to the fringed border.

Transitional area rug

If there are spills, then you can blot it with a clean cloth, spot clean with a solution of clear dish washing non-bleaching detergent and water, rinse it thoroughly with warm water and then let it dry. Make sure that you do not use any type of bleaching item to clean and maintain your Transitional area rug.

Transitional area rug maintenance services are easy if you have proper idea to clean the rugs. Firstly, try to apply pads underneath the Transitional area rug. The pads serve multiple purposes of keeping the rug in position, preventing the spills or colors from reaching the floor beneath and keeping the floor surfaces clean under the Transitional area rug. Try to get pads that use high quality material like vinyl. Make sure that you remember to place the pads in high traffic areas.

The best way for Transitional area rug maintenance is the use of shop-vac to clean all stains. It helps you to repeatedly wash and cleanse an area of the Transitional area rug, and also sucks out the solutions each time. This is a more advantageous and better method than simply blotting up the water with paper towels or cloth.

If there are some spills on the Transitional area rug, then wash it with warm water and mild soap. Although the hand-made rugs should be taken special care, use club soda or commercial spot remover to clean all types of rugs. Sometimes it is seen that even with regular vacuuming; the rugs tend to collect dust and dirt from the atmosphere. So you should give your Transitional area rug to the professional cleaners on monthly basis to impart the rugs with a fresh and renewed look.

On the sides of the Transitional area rug, to reduce wear and tears from traffic and fading from natural light, you should rotate the rugs at an angle of 180 degrees on every alternate month.

Regular Transitional area rug maintenance can accentuate the beauty of the rugs and increase their longevity by several years.