The Cost of Relocatable Homes for Sale in Caravan Parks, QLD

When you’re looking for Relocatable homes qld for Sale in Caravan Parks, QLD, you will be surprised at how affordable they can be. You can then further amplify this surprise by comparing them to the typical house prices in QLD. Average house prices in QLD are at around 500k but higher in city location like Brisbane. Therefore, if you’re looking to downsize to a more manageable property in a safe environment while keeping more money in your pocket, Caravan Parks or Residential Parks are a great option.

relocatable homes qld
relocatable homes qld

Knowing what you can expect when on the hunt for a Relocatable Home in a Caravan Park all comes down to the research you conduct. If you prefer an Onsite Caravan with van and annexe, you may pay as little as $5,000, or as much as $20,000. Nearly-new models come in with a higher price tag. However, if you decide a more permanent residence is a more sound option, you will find relocatable homes qld for Sale in Caravan Parks, QLD, for $50,000 all the way up to $250,000 and beyond. The price of relocatable dwellings in Queensland can vary depending on the size, style, and of course, the age.

The initial outlay of the home is only one of the costs involved. You also must consider site fees. On average, you can expect to pay between $115 and $175 per week, but it’s not uncommon for high-end residential parks to charge more. In the more desirable parts of Queensland, you may find caravan park fees are higher, too.

If you are considering retirement and you are look for surplus cash to enjoy your older years, downsizing is a consideration, you may find that looking into the costs of relocatable homes in caravan parks yields some surprising results. There’s no time like the present to start the property search and get that dream relocatable home and freedom you deserve. You may even have money left over for some upgrades.

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