Save on Inexpensive Baby Stuff

Save with inexpensive baby stuff

You all know that babies can be quite costly, but being streetwise with some online knowledge you can find all those inexpensive baby stuff out there.

Some baby freebies online:

Retailers and manufacturers are on a good gravy train, so these companies will offer things to you the pregnant mom the thinking is that by doing this they have a long term customer.

See how to obtain free products, samples and coupons from all the big baby brands:

Go directly to the website of the entire big baby brands, search in your browser for all your favorite baby food, diapers, and formulas.

You also need to beware when you sign up for newsletters, that they will keep sending you things, so sign up for a different email on say Gmail and use that for all the junk mail you will receive. There will of course be some great bargains as well.

Some ways to save on diapers and formula:

You will know that these are the biggest expense for you, unless you are breastfeeding that is always the best option. As we know not everyone can breastfeed so formula is the only option.

Online saving for inexpensive baby stuff

organic cotton clothing
organic cotton clothing

Some ways to search online:

Go to where you can shop and compare lots of different sites. Amazon grocery that ships products to you, free for orders over $25.

See to join Clubs:

You can ask the customer service desk at any of your grocery stores if they have a Baby Savings club.

See Discount Baby Furniture and Baby Gear:

You really have to know where to look for baby things for inexpensive. You got to tell your Friends what you are looking for. You can get lots of things from friends and family by asking if they have anything that they want to get rid of. Some might have kept things in the attic, amazing what you can pick up.

See what you get at a Baby Shower:

You generally get all the items you need for a newborn baby at baby showers. Amazing all the info you will get from friends and family on how to save money on all the inexpensive baby stuff. They have all the experience that they will pass down to you from shopping in your particular town.

See if you can join Moms Groups:

Great online resources for free information, with where to pick up free coupons or print them out. You can ask questions, they are always willing to help you. One of them is on the about forums but Google it you will find lots more.

You will also find out all the best places to get that second hand organic cotton clothing from and baby things for inexpensive.

Free things in inexpensive baby stuff

See if you can join the Freecycle Network:

You can give all the baby stuff you are finished with away, easy just search in Google for the find groups or find your local one.

See if you can shop for used inexpensive baby stuff:

You can check your local newspaper for garage sales in the area, great for picking up those bargains in inexpensive organic cotton clothing, baby furniture, pretty much all baby stuff you need. See the second hand stores or Craigslist online; you just have to see that the quality is okay not stained and all that. Make sure when buying baby car seats that the safety tag is still on it. Check on baby toys as well, sometimes they can be a choking hazard.

Once Upon a Child has gently used inexpensive organic cotton clothing, kids organic cotton clothing, baby furniture, baby equipment and more. See for discount kids clothes… surplus or if you live in South Africa try the baby bargains market for gently used goods from organic cotton clothing to furniture.

See to keep things simple with inexpensive baby stuff:

You tend to buy lots of things that you don’t really need, first see if it is really necessary and then see if you can get a second-hand one or gently used clothes. So don’t rush any decisions on buying items like baby furniture, take your time thinking about it, finding out what you need from it, whether the item will fit into the baby room.