Best Big Daddy BBQ Smoker

When looking for an electric Big Daddy BBQ Smoker, you have to take into consideration a couple of things.

You want one that has enough room for all the food you want to smoke; you want one that allows you to “set it and forget it” so that you do not have to constantly monitor it.

But, you also want one that is both affordable but still high quality.

The Bradley Digital 4 Rack Electric Big Daddy BBQ Smoker

Under review is the Bradley Digital Electric Smoker. Every Bradley Digital 4 Rack Smoker includes…

  • A full digital control for temperature, time, and smoke
  • 4 cooking racks for meat, chicken, pork, fish, and more
  • Provides 8 hours of controlled cool smoke
  • Temperature controllable up to 320 degrees F
  • Measures 17 by 14 by 31 inches and weighs in at 43 pounds

We got our Bradley Digital 4 Rack Electric Big Daddy BBQ Smoker online for $427; and it shipped free. We received the smoker in four days, and assembly of the Bradley electric smoker was pretty straightforward.

About the size of a small dorm room refrigerator, it is as easy to assemble as a refrigerator, and we had or Bradley Digital 4 Rack Electric Smoker ready to go in about a half an hour.

And coming in at about 40 pounds, it is very easy to move around your deck or patio if you need to.

It is an attractive, space saving unit that takes up very little space. And designed out of powdered epoxy steel, the interior is lined with stainless steel which should stand up to years of continued use.

The Bradley Digital 4 Rack in Operation

This Bradley electric smoker is a breeze to use. The digital controls make it easy to get the desired temperature, time, and smoke down to the smallest degree; so you can determine exactly how much smoke you want, the exact amount of time you’re going to smoke your food, and the precise temperature your want to smoke your food at.

This smoker uses individually packed disks consisting of small wood chips. These disks are distributed by Bradley in various flavors of wood smoke. What happens is that the included smoke generator warms these disks one at a time until they begin emitting Big Daddy BBQ Smoker?

Then, after 15 to 20 minutes, another disk is slid into place; and the smoking disk is pushed to the top until it burns out. The disks are loaded into the smoker via a tubular disk magazine which holds enough disks to smoke for hours at a time.

These disks (or “bisquettes” as Bradley calls them) are essential to the clean smoke; they do not burn down to ash completely, and need very little heat energy to get smoking. Therefore, it doesn’t take a lot of these bisquettes to smoke a large quantity of food.

The Bradley 4 Rack Digital Electric Smoker – Plenty of Room

This is a perfect electric smoker if you do a lot of entertaining. It has a plenty of interior room with over 200 cubic inches of enclosed cooking area which is more than enough for a full turkey as well as a full ham and loads of ribs as well. And the included 4 adjustable racks make it easy to accommodate varying sizes of meat or poultry.

This is an electric smoker without the hassle. You literally set the temperature, and then walk away; and it holds this even temperature, even in the middle of winter when it is 20 degrees outside. This is particularly handy since you are not required to walk out onto your patio in the middle of winter every half hour to see if it needs more charcoal or gas.

Another thing we liked was the included Bradley Recipe Book, which walks you through using the Bradley Digital 4 Rack Electric Smoker with the most commonly smoked meat, poultry and fish.

There is a little learning curve with this electric smoker; but when we tested it on our turkey, the included recipe book showed us the correct time, temperature, and the right amount of bisquettes to use so that the turkey cam out golden brown, moist, tender, and really flavorful.

The Bradley Digital 4 Rack Electric Smoker – A Couple of Issues

You will need to order more bisquettes immediately with this electric smoker. They include enough to get started, but you will need more very quickly; especially if you slow cook your food for hours.

And because of its space saving design, you will be on your knees when checking the digital readouts and adjusting the racks inside the smoker.

But for ease of use, this is as close as you will get. It is easy to set up, easy to control, and easy to smoke whatever type of food you choose.

Plus, the Bradley Digital 4 Rack Electric Smoker is big enough to handle smoking food for even the biggest parties; but still portable enough to take over to a friend’s house if you choose to.