5 Signs You’re the Perfect Candidate for Season Tickets to Your Favorite Sports Team

Nothing makes people go crazy quite like sports. The roar of the crowd, the face paint, the hotdogs: cheering for your favorite team from home is fun, but nothing comes close to experiencing the action first hand. Here are five signs that you should get season tickets:

You never miss a game on TV. If you find yourself at the local sports bar every time there’s a game, or shell out for a comprehensive TV sports package, then you’re just the sort of fan who needs season tickets. Imagine the thrill of cheering your favorite team on to victory in person!

You love collecting sports memorabilia. If you show your team spirit everywhere from your license plate to your underwear, then why not show it all season long beside thousands of other adoring fans?

You have a jersey for every day of the week. Monday is Kobe Bryant, Tuesday is Ron Artest, Wednesday is Derek Fisher, and so on all the way to Sunday. If your closet is filled with your favorite players’ jerseys, then you’ll find there’s no better place to show them off than at a live game.


You keep a sports shrine in your home. If you’ve dedicated an entire room of your house to posters and figurines, then why not sing your team’s praises in person with season tickets? You may even catch a fly ball to add to your keepsakes.

You buy tickets to games as often as possible. If you’re a major sports fan, then you probably jump at every chance you get to attend a game. Season tickets ensure that you always have a great seat, whenever you want it—and as often as you go, you’ll even save money.

Even if there’s a little bit of drama surrounding the current national sports league, we’ve got faith that they will work it all out just in time for a nice quality season of your favorite game. This makes it more important than ever to start thinking about if you should be a season ticket holder this year.

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